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Skin Care

Streamline your regimen with great skin as the foundation. Using the latest and most effective techniques in skin treatments, from HydraFacial® to laser resurfacing for almost all skin tones and skin types, we’ve put together a menu of our favorite ways to help you find a beauty that’s all your own.

Body Care

There is no one definition of a ‘beautiful body’– but whatever your goals might be, from getting rid of stubborn fat, finding more definition for your muscles, hair-free skin or zapping some of those spider veins climbing up your legs– we can help put you on the fast track to your ideal body.

Sex & Self Care

Getting your libido back and turning the dial up on intimacy, no matter what life stage you’re in is always a win! Virtually painlessly, you can regain your sexual potential, which is a huge confidence booster– with our cutting edge treatments performed in our offices by our lead physician.


Experience the magic of advanced technology in NYC! Our Photofacial service gently revitalizes your complexion, reducing blemishes and signs of aging.

Embrace the journey to radiant, glowing skin with personalized care. Discover your path to luminous beauty at Silhouette MD Aesthetics & Wellness!

Our Mission

Silhouette MD Aesthetics & Wellness was born to help all people find a beauty that is their own. As a physician-led med spa, Dr. Ferdouse Sartawi brings her extensive expertise to skin care and maintenance, and has developed a personalized approach to guide women through post-partum wellness and post-partum self care.

Post-Partum Wellness

The 4th trimester

Post-partum wellness and post-partum self care are our passion, and we are so excited to bring you our curated and vetted program and resources.

Concierge Post-partum Services

Dr. Sartawi has been practicing medicine for over 15 years, and specializes in GYN. Her concierge services focus on you after you give birth. 


  • C-section incision check
  • Episiotomy check
  • Lactation consulting
  • Weekly in-home follow up visits available on request

post-partum self care packages

A non-invase curation of ‘Mommy Makeover’ services, performed in our offices, to help you get back to ‘you’:


  • Changing skin- from aging to hyperpigmentation
  • Changes to your hair, including hair loss
  • Post-baby body – from diastasis recti to blasting some of the baby weight
  • Changes to the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, from sexual rejuvenation to bladder incontinence


After visiting a few different med spas over the years, I’ve finally found my home!  Dr. Sartawi is remarkably talented at the kind of precise and subtle work I prefer; she takes her time and focuses on balance and precision while being incredibly gentle.

Bonnie R. Brooklyn, NY

"My skin looked amazing!"

Dr. Sartawi was absolutely lovely. She’s warm and knowledgeable. She spent time explaining procedures to me vs other places where I felt rushed… I really enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend paying her a visit. My skin looked amazing after the treatment too!

Lauren S. New Jersey


All I can say is WOW! It’s a brand new facility which is owned by an actual doctor so you are not dealing with anyone else except the doctor… I got a laser treatment done for my face and I have been glowing ever since. So many people have asked me what I did to my skin. 

Gurleen K. New York, NY

"Took the time to listen"

Dr. Ferdouse is absolutely amazing! …
She took the time to listen to my needs and explained the best treatments for me. I felt comfortable and confident in her care, knowledge and her treating me. I’m definitely going back for continual treatments.

Aaron S. Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Sartawi is an Artist"

This has got to be one of nicest med spas I’ve been to …
I really appreciated having the Doctor treat me and give me the guidance and education I needed to make the right decisions about which fillers to use, what I actually needed to get done to get the look I wanted etc. (instead of feeling like I was just being upsold or was just another patient in a factory line of patients.)  

Sarah S. New York, NY