Our Team

Dr. Ferdouse Sartawi, M.D.

Owner & Lead Physician

Dr. Ferdouse Sartawi is the founder and lead physician of Silhouette MD Aesthetics & Wellness in New York City. With over 15 years experience as an MD, and drawing on her specialty as a GYN, she created a med spa concept that would be a state-of-the-art destination, with the most effective services that help both men and women look and feel like their absolute best selves.

Her curated services are also born from her personal experience: when she became a mother (3 kids under 6 at the time of this writing), no one was addressing the idea of post-partum ‘wellness’ and self care– the concept of taking care of yourself and baby with evolving bodies and priorities. Our skin on our face and body, our hair, our sexual vitality, our vaginal muscles– for most women, everything shifts a bit in that time after pregnancy and giving birth. Dr. Sartawi has created programs and services with those evolutions in mind, and Silhouette MD Aesthetics and Wellness serves as the destination for to address the aesthetic for whole body.

Dr. Sartawi also serves as the Vice President of OMNY Vein & Cardiovascular, and has worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia University. Her history at medical facilities and universities include Case Western Reserve University, Boonshaft School of Medicine/Wright State University, University of Minnesota, Columbia University and more.

With Silhouette MD Aesthetics & Wellness, her mission is to create a wealth of vetted resources to help everyone find a beauty that is their own.

Patient Education


We firmly believe that patients should never feel like they are walking blindly into a treatment or procedure. Our 1-on-1 patient-to-physician consultations allow each patient to grasp the full extent of any service they might be interested in.