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Dr. Sartawi has vetted and selected partners that carry or produce products that bring transformative results to you, at home. Taking care of yourself in-between visits not only maintains your results from medical-grade procedures, it can work synergystically to help you see the beauty that is your own even faster.

Alastin Skincare is focused on innovative products that have maximum impact both for post-procedure care and every day skin care. Their product line is cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and formulated for optimal skin rejuvenation.

The Alastin team brings the highest levels of pharmaceutical science and innovation to the skincare industry, and we are thrilled to offer them through the link below.


Ranging from hereditary issues to stress to the digestive system, multiple things can impact your hair wellness. That’s why a customized solution is required to improve our hair growth and hair quality. Nutrafol’s treatment options are curated to your hair and body, according to hair growth science.

Nutrafol curates the right regimen for both men & women to address your specific needs. Discover more on their site, below.


Skin Type Solutions® is not one particular product.

It’s a series of different products that are curated specifically for you through the Baumann® System. The products that are selected are informed by years of expert dermatological insight.

Take the quiz through the link below to help find your customized skin regimen and get ready to be amazed at how great your skin looks when you use the right products.

Cutting-edge science is the principal driving force behind Skinbetter® science formulations. Their team of aesthetic experts has a profound understanding of skin aging and what it takes to help defy the effects of time. The results are formulations that lead to radiant, youthful skin reflecting the beauty of science.

Skinbetter® is available exclusively through authorized practices like ours. Gain access to the Skinbetter® through the link below.