Post-Partum Wellness

Silhouette MD Aesthetics & Wellness Post-Pregnancy Self Care Resource Center

post-partum wellness

Post-partum wellness and self care is an essential part of the evolution after becoming a mother. As a mother of 3 herself, Dr. Sartawi has designed a range of services and compiled resources and partnerships to help you find your stride as you navigate the world post-baby, including virtual visits and optional in-home visits.

'mommy makeover'

Our non-invasive ‘Mommy Makeover’ is customizable to help you achieve your best self. Whether there’s an issue with pigmentation on your skin, a concern with hair loss, diastasis recti, we can craft personalized packages and treatments to help you feel like you again.

Vaginal rejuvenation

You had a baby. There are changes. Whether you are experiencing a loss of elasticity, urinary incontinence or just feeling a little underwhelmed with your sexual potential, we have services that can help get you back on track with your sexual well-being.

Post partum concierge

We are on-call for you. With our concierge post-partum services, we can craft a plan that works with your schedule and needs, either with in-home visits, or telemedicine check-ins to get you through those first 6 weeks after giving birth. Dr. Sartawi has over 15 years of experience as a GYN.

Our Story

Dr. Ferdouse Sartawi is the founder and lead physician of Silhouette MD Aesthetics & Wellness in New York City. With over 15 years experience as an MD, and drawing on her specialty as a gynecologist, she created a med spa concept that would be a state-of-the-art destination, with the most effective services that help both men and women look and feel like their absolute best selves.

Her curated services are also born from her personal experience: when she became a mother (3 kids under 6 at the time of this writing), no one was addressing the idea of post-partum ‘wellness’ and self care– the concept of taking care of yourself and baby with evolving bodies and priorities.

In developing a destination for women in Manhattan to find resources and a community to have frank, comfortable discussions and treatments performed, she’s created a one-of-a-kind med spa experience.

Over her career, she has been with Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial in Washington DC and spent almost a decade as faculty at Columbia New York Presbytarian. She opened up Silhouette MD in 2019.

Post-Partum Concierge Medicine

The first 6 weeks after giving birth are typically focused on the health and wellness of the baby (and rightfully so)– but the post-partum wellness and self care of us as parents, especially mothers can often feel like an afterthought. We created our post-partum concierge service to give you an extra layer of comfort, confidence and convenience to get through the first months with the baby.

As a mother of 3 herself and as a trained gynecologgist, Dr. Sartawi has created this offering of personalized care through on-site visits or through telemedicine.

Some of the services we can perform either in-person include:

  • Post-partum depression screening
  • C-section incision check
  • Episiotomy check
  • Lactation consulting