Growth Factor

For hair re-growth

What it is

The Growth Factor system is infused into the scalp using a skin needling device (microneedling), which stimulates inactive hair follicles on your scalp, encouraging tissue growth and healing. The materials used are bio identical (as in, they are just like our bodies’ natural growth stimulating materials produced by our human cells) and help hair grow from the root. 

Treatments are typically performed in a series of 6, each one-week apart. Over a series of treatments, Growth Factor has been shown to help slow down hair loss and could possibly even regrow hair. 

Perfect for

Both men & women who are concerned about thinning hair. Contact us or call us at (212) 721-8200 to find the right treatment for you.


Please set aside 30-60 minutes for a session.

Time will vary by each patient.


Starting at $548 per session

Ask for multi-session discounts


Is there any downtime?

Minimal to none, depending on how your skin reacts to laser hair removal. We recommend that you wait 24 hours before taking a hot shower or exercising.